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2018 H-1B Lottery Completed – Anxiously Awaiting Lottery Results!

In the weeks following the opening and closing of the annual H-1B filing window, which I affectionately describe as “Duck Season for Immigration Lawyers,” we immigration lawyers, our clients and the clients’ international employees, anxiously await results on who won the lottery – the H-1B lottery. The […]

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The State of H-4 Employment Authorization

It was long the case that H-4 Visa holders were not eligible to work in the United States. H-4 Visa holders are the spouses and minor (unmarried) children of H-1B Visas holders. In May 2015 the Department of Homeland Security announced that certain H-4 Spouses would be […]

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Computer Programmers:  Not a Slam Dunk for H-1Bs

The USCIS, by Memorandum dated March 31, 2017, rescinded a December 22, 2000 Memorandum titled “Guidance memo on H1B computer related positions.”  The 2000 Memorandum provided guidance on whether certain computer-related occupations qualified as “specialty occupations” – namely the role of Computer Programmer. The impetus for the […]

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