For Employers

Dowd & Company provides a full range of immigration solutions to help Employers achieve their hiring goals and maintain compliance with immigration laws and and regulations.

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compass_column_greenFor Employees

We provide a comprehensive analysis of employment-based immigration options for every potential hire and existing international employee.

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compass_column_blueFor Investors

One of the four goals of the U.S. immigration system is to promote investment in the U.S. that results in jobs creation. In short, it seeks to foster economic development to create jobs through individual investors and entrepreneurs.

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compass_column_pinkFor Physicians

Physicians and Allied Health Care Professionals receive both special and harsh treatment under the U.S. immigration system.  

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compass_column_blueFor Families

We represent families and individuals from around the world.  We explore all available options and provide clear guidance on available immigration processes, including benefits, risk, processing times and other information needed by families and individuals to make informed decisions.

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